Analysis from Round 1 of the 2012 NFL Draft

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars might have saved the St. Louis Rams from themselves when the Jaguars traded up and selected WR Will Blackmon ahead of the Rams. Although the Rams missed out on one of the elite players in the draft, by trading back and acquiring more picks, the Rams have a chance to add more depth and competition to their team overall.
  • In the wake of their selection of Brandon Weeden, the Browns are considering trading Colt McCoy. McCoy would be a good fit for the Houston Texans. Incumbent starter Matt Schaub is often injured and aging. The Texans’ short passing attack, plays to McCoy’s strengths.
  • Remember when Alshon Jefferey was the second or third best WR in the draft and a first round prospect?
  • The most interesting pick in the first round was Seattle Seahawks selection of OLB Bruce Irvin.  Mel Kiper Jr. called the pick “mind-boggling” and the consensus is that because of Irvin’s checkered past, he is big risk.  Learning more about Irvin, the optimist in me says Irvin is a self-made man and will appreciate his opportunity.  At the same time, I recognize how risky it is to invest  first-round money into a player with character concerns.  Either way,  Bruce Irvin’s career will be interesting.
  • Great job by the NFL speeding up the first round of the draft.   In the past the commissioner would announce the trade of the pick, then state the new team is on the clock.  This year they announced everything at once and in general had a better tempo than in past years.

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