Five Teams for Hard Knocks

By Matthew Emmons, Us Presswire

According to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York, the New York Jets have declined to participate in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this season.  Speculation that the Jets would agree to a second appearance on the football reality show has been swirling for months, and when the Atlanta Falcons formally declined, that speculation increased.

It is easy to understand why HBO would want to feature the Jets.  They play in the largest media market and feature one of the most polarizing players in the league in Tim Tebow.  Throw in media friendly coach Rex Ryan,  and the Jets make for compelling television. Luckily, the Jets are not the only made-for-TV football franchise.  Here are five teams HBO should consider  for the next installment of Hard Knocks.

Dallas Cowboys-This is a no brainer.  The Cowboys have a rabid fan base and just as many haters. Tony Romo is as polarizing as Tim Tebow, Jerry Jones loves the spotlight, and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is more outrageous than his brother Rex.

Indianapolis Colts– Life after Peyton will be an NFL storyline for the entire 2012 season and HBO would get to shape it early. How does Andrew Luck deal with following a legend? Quirky owner Jim Irsay would be a wild card.

Denver Broncos– And of course the other side of the Colts story are the Denver Broncos.  How much does Peyton Manning have left?  Do the fans miss Tebow?

Washington Redskins– One of the league’s signature teams, Robert Griffin III playing the role of franchise savior, a hall of fame coach and an owner that spends money;  the Redskins have the ingredients for an entertaining watch.

New Orleans Saints– The subplots involving the Saints read like a HBO drama: star quarterback and fan favorite Drew Brees is in a contract battle with the organization,  head coach Sean Payton and defensive captain Jonathan Vilma are suspended for the season, and there is turmoil between the owner and his granddaughter.  The NFL would never sign off on this, but we can dream.

Which team would you like featured on Hard Knocks?


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