Superbowl Sleeper: Seattle Seahawks Reviesed

Russell Wilson beat out high priced veteran Matt Flynn for the starting QB job.( Photo Credit: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Sunday hit “publish” on a post about the Seahawks chances to reach the Superbowl. Matt Flynn was the headline picture. Oops. Turns out rookie Russell Wilson will be the Seahawks quarterback.

The Russell Wilson Effect
I give Pete Carrol credit, this took guts. Usually, when a team signs a quarterback to a 3 year, 26 million dollar contract, he is the starter by default. Carrol is taking a bit of a gamble by going with the player with less experience. With that said, by going with Wilson, the Seahawks playoff chances take a major hit. Regardless of his college pedigree and preseason success, facing the 49ers defense twice as well as Rob and Rex Ryan’s 46 defenses, will be a challenge for Wilson. Expect the Seahawks to be competitive but fall short of the playoffs, just like 2011.


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